ere's my story

Rhonda Ripp | rippblack.com
Originally from Kansas, Ripp, her husband, and their three children have made Western Washington their home for the past forty-plus years. While her Mid-Western upbringing is a major influence in her life, her experiences in the Pacific Northwest have greatly expanded her thinking. In addition to introducing her to a much broader array of people with wide-ranging views, as well as people from many different countries and cultures, her Western Washington home has also provided her with experiences set in the grandeur of the Cascades where, together with her husband and often their children, she has enjoyed years of hiking, camping, and the occasional backpacking.
Washington has also granted Ripp the delight of experiencing the music and dance from cultures around the world as she and her husband embarked on years of international folk dancing/teaching/performing. Now living in the serene, picture postcard setting of island life on the Puget Sound, she is surrounded by woods and abundant wildlife and enjoys a remarkable sense of community among her friends and neighbors.
Self-described as a chronic volunteer, Ripp currently commits many hours a week to several local organizations with a focus on disaster preparedness, has availed herself of a variety of preparedness-aimed training courses, and has enthusiastically joined her husband in amateur radio.
Writing, however, remains Ripp's primary compulsion and passion. Her worlds and characters are inspired by her experiences, by the natural beauty that surrounds her, and by the wonderfully unique people she has been privileged to meet and to know.